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LifeStance by Design

Welcome to LifeStance by Design! 

We are excited to offer the following specialized services to help you create healthy vibrant lives and families.

        Virtual Healthy 

      Home Inspection

Do you know the health of your home, and/or the quality of its living environm​ent? Do you know if it has high levels of radon, or moisture issues that can create mold and other health problems, and/or, do you have other indicators of unhealthy home conditions? What products and/or materials do you have in your home that out-gas and are hazardous to your health? What is in your home that needs to be outside? And lastly, what do you put in or on your body that is cancer causing? These are just a few of the questions we can answer through a comprehensive healthy home inspection.

Our mission is to prevent the preventable by teaching people about the health of their home, the basics of creating a healthy home, and how to optimize their health and safety in it.

Education and Training


Are you a health practitioner and want to see your clients make a number of changes in their lifestyle, and in their home, that will support your protocols and optimize their health? Do you have various protocols you need for them to follow closely to be successful, and are concerned when they leave that they won't do them correctly, if at all?


Have you seen a health practitioner that gave you a list of things they wanted you to do, and when you got home drew a blank? Or worse, you were told you needed to make a number of lifestyle changes at home and felt clear about them at the time, but when you got home didn't know where or how to begin?

This is why we offer specialized services that help facilitate recommended changes in lifestyle.

Private Coaching

One-on-one private and confidential coaching.  

What our customers are saying

LifeStance is Incredible!  She inspected our home, and helped us understand how the health of our home was impacting our family's health.  She made simple, easy, step-by-step priorities for us to follow to solve the issues.  She even found broken pipes causing moisture and mold we had no idea about.

Janet- Sebastopol


Healthy Home Inspections

(Based on 2000 or less sq ft home)


Includes interview, inspection, written assessments and recommendations

Integration Program

($300 deposit)


Per Month

1 on 1 training and support

Private Coaching



Per Hour

1 on 1 training and support

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