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Virtual Healthy Home Inspections

Comprehensive virtual healthy home inspection and assessment of every aspect of a home, the contents inside, and the lifestyle practices that affect you, and your family's health, with recommendations for mitigation.

Six/Twelve Month Transformation Program

We are now accepting applications for either our 6 or 12 month integration programs!

These programs are designed for the person who is truly committed to turning their health around in a supportive, safe and confidential online community.  

They are comprehensive.  You will receive a personal health assessment, weekly one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and have a daily check-in to keep you on track.  

A daily food plan is provided with 30 minute recipes and/or on Sundays... be able to attend, learn and participate in cooking the recipes for the week.  You will have an exercise program and a workbook that will provide education, support and guidance to work through.

And soon, you will have more energy, feel stronger, get better sleep, feel rested, and be on your way to gaining vital health.  

You will learn dis-ease prevention, how to balance and increase your energy, and how to find and maintain calm in your life.  

For a Transformation Program Brochure, click the contact button below.


      Coaching & Consultation

Contact me for a free one-on-one consultation.

If you want to go fast, walk alone; if you want to go far walk together. - African proverb

What I Offer

LifeStance by Design offers specialized services that help people create healthy vibrant lives. 

I am a licensed Practitioner and  Holistic Transformation Coach and provide one-on-one lifestyle coaching.  

I offer  6 & 12 month intensive integration programs for women.

And finally,

I do virtual healthy home inspections.



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